English Arabic

A School Day In The UK

Sit in on a regular classroom lesson in a British school. Enjoy interesting comments and explanations from one of the students.

A School Day In The UK


Kids In Action

Watch as the children of England discover this amazing world and learn new words and word combinations.

Crafty Hands

Little inventors will be able to enrich their vocabulary and make a toy for their very own collection.

Yummy for Mummy

Try out new recipes and learn English with kids cooking something really yummy for their mummies.

Basic Lexis

Basic Lexis is the programme for those who start learning the language. Learn the most essential vocabulary.

Here & There

Here and There is an educational programme that reveals interesting facts and tells about different events. The host of the programme uses e... مشاهدة المزيد

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Basic Lexis


Business Words

مباشر • ar

Cartoon TV

مباشر • en

English Club TV

Grammar Wise - Season 1


Keep Fit


Monk Little Dog

Step by Step - Season 1

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